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The CIHS Annual Reptile and Amphibian Fair is held annually in August. This event brings in thousands of people from the Peoria area and beyond to see the diverse array of reptiles and amphibians owned and exhibited by CIHS members. The fair features a photo stage, where visitors can walk away with a photo of themselves holding a large snake, for a small price, raffles, and advice from the members concerning captive care, field trips, and membership. The revenue from the annual fair constitutes nearly all of the Central Illinois Herpetological operating funds, and requires the cooperation and teamwork of all the membership to put this wonderful fair together.  Please check our calendar page to see when this year’s is scheduled.



Pictured: Steve Blanchard

Field Trips

There are a number of reptile and amphibian rich public access areas close  to Peoria to visit in a day field trip. CIHS takes advantage of this by making four or more field trips throughout the warmer months. Field trips are not always out into nature, however, as some trips are to herpetology collections at Midwest zoos. In the recent past, the CIHS has traveled to the St. Louis Zoo and the Indianapolis Zoo. Trips to look for wild reptiles and amphibians have been made to Banner Marsh, Sand Ridge State Forest, and the Shawnee Hills National Forest.

Check our calendar and blog for news on upcoming field trips.



Education Events

The Central Illinois Herpetological Society Educational Programs are designed to reach out to the public and invite them into the world of reptiles and amphibians. Subjects often include captive care of animals, natural history, and conservation of native species. The format of the programs vary from one person classroom style presentations to day long group presentations. The members delivering presentations varies by location, topic, and availability. In the past presentations have been given at schools, libraries, and day care centers, and are designed to be of interest to a variety of ages, from small children to adults.

Contact CIHS about an educational event opportunity that we could participate in.

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