About CIHS


The Central Illinois Herpetological Society is a scientific and education organization associated with the Peoria Academy of Science, a non profit organization. The purpose of the CIHS is to promote the appreciation and conservation of reptiles and amphibians by encouraging their study in the wild and captive populations, developing an supporting programs regarding captive care and propagation, providing public education, and advancing the protection of wildlife habitats.

Executive Board
President: Douglas Holmes | dhlms12@att.net
Vice President: Leah Ireland: lilredescape@frontier.com
Past President: Mike Shelton | mjstjs@comcast.net
Treasurer: Jen Dusek |  the_i_family@yahoo.com
Secretary: Patrick Ireland

Members at Large:
Shelley Fritz | shelleyteach@comcast.net
Diana Crothers-Jones | dianaones12212@gmail.com

Junior Members:
Sarah Brabec
Kattie Karl
Abby Rusk

Committee Chairs
Newsletter Editor: Steve Blanchard  | blanchard2@yahoo.com
Membership Chair: Ramona Holmes  | CaptainK61615@aol.com
Youth Committee Chair:   Garrett Rusk
Website Design:  Jessa Wilcoxen  | jessa@creativspark.com

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